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Surname: Elvira-Martínez                           Name:  David
Birth: 16-08-1974                                            Telephone:+34675782777
E-Mail Address:
Mail Address: Carrer Vinya, 5 (urb. Can Tolra). Cabrils 08348- Barcelona. Spain

Professional Profile

Experienced health economist with strong institutional background and in depth knowledge of market access and public affairs activities in the pharmaceutical sector. With a great deal of experience in consultancy activities at international level related to healthcare systems policies, pharmaceutical business, healthcare reimbursement systems and economic evaluation methods. Main responsibilities carrying out top management duties in several public healthcare organizations and regional ministries in Spain as well as lobbying entities. Advising at regional (Catalonia), national (Spain) and international (World Health Organization) level for healthcare policy planning and financing. 12 years as an Adjunct Faculty Professor in several universities in Spain with over 20 scientific publications and experience as a visiting researcher overseas.

Career Summary

04/2014 to present                Sanofi Spain - Portugal

Head of Public Affairs and Field Market Access (member of the Affiliate’s Management Committee)

-          In charge of an 11 member team, 5 direct reports.
-          Responsible for company’s price & reimbursement activities at national level.
-          Responsible for the coordination of the Key Institutional Management team at regional level.
-          Responsible for the design and implementation of the institutional strategy of the company’s national and regional “Market Access Plan”.
-          Responsible for the design and implementation of the company’s “Corporate Affairs Plan”.

07/2011 to 04/ 2014              Sanofi Spain - Portugal

Corporate Relations Regional Director

-          In charge of a 5 member team.
-          Responsible for the design and implementation of the institutional strategy of the company’s regional “Market Access Plan” in 4 of the key Spanish Regions (Catalonia, Andalucía, Extremadura, Comunidad Valenciana: 50% of the national market).
-          Company’s institutional representative in Catalonia, coordinating the corporative activities with top healthcare authorities and payers (Regional Prime Minister, Regional Health Minister, Regional Pharmacy Director).
-          Responsible for the design of the first company’s “Regional Access Plan”.
-          Responsible for the design of the institutional regional strategy to ensure the successful launch for Aflibercept - Zaltrap©.
-          Interim Health Economics and Outcomes Research - HEOR Director during one year: product value dossiers coordination, economic evaluation modelling and HEOR publication strategy coordination.

   01/2011 to 07/ 2011           Catalan Health Quality and Assessment Agency (AQuAS)

Catalan Health Observatory Director & Regional HTA Assessment Director

-          In charge of a 20 member team. 5 direct reports.
-          Responsible for the regional pharmaceutical and health technology assessment policy.
-          Regional Healthcare Ministry adviser for the effective reimbursement of new drugs and healthcare technologies.
-          Responsible for the design and implementation of the new Catalan Health Observatory including the Annual Regional Health Report (to be presented annually at the Catalan Parliament) and the Annual Providers Outcomes Report (including the quality benchmark study among the 63 public financed Catalan hospitals).

08/2005 to 07/ 2011  Catalan Health Ministry

Healthcare Resources General Director

-          In charge of an 80 member team. 6 direct reports. 7M€ of budget.
-          Responsible in Catalonia (7,5M people) for the definition and implementation of: the Pharmaceutical Policy (medicines assessment, efficient use of pharmaceutical products, pharmaceutical industrial affairs, industrial sites quality inspection, pharmaceutical publicity regulation, hospital’s ethical committees coordination, community pharmacies regulation & planning);  Healthcare Center Official Accreditation Model;  Healthcare Quality & Inspection Policy and Coordinator of the Regional Bioethics Committee.
-          Member of the Catalan Health Ministry’s Board of Directors (budget: 9.800M€)
-          Vice President of the Catalan Blood and Tissue Bank (600 employees and 84M€ of budget)

Head of the Information and Strategy Cabinet (Health Minister’s Cabinet Office)

-          In charge of a 5 member team.
-          Responsible for the Institutional Affairs of the Health Ministry (Spanish and Catalan Parliament as well as national and regional Ombudsman).
-          Ministry’s coordinator of the development and approval of 3 regional laws in Parliament.   
-          Head of Minister’s Speech Writing process.
-          Ministry’s Healthcare Policy Scorecard Coordinator.
-          Head of Healthcare Strategic Reports production process.

Head of the Interdepartmental Information Office

-          Health Ministry’s Information System (IS) Coordinator.
-          Responsible for the correct execution of Ministry’s IS key projects: Electronic Prescription Model, Electronic Clinical Record Model, Ministry’s Scorecard and Telemedicine Policy.
-          Responsible for the Annual Health Data Report.
-          Responsible for the definition of the Catalan Strategic Health Plan’s KPI system.

10/2004 to 08/ 2005  HORE Group (today: HEOR’s IMS Division in Spain)

Deputy General Director and Health Policy & Economics Director

-          In charge of a 10 member team. 2 direct reports.
-          Responsible for the client management and deliverables coordination of health economics and health policy consultancy projects (international pharmaceutical companies as main clients).
-          Responsible for the coordination of the general human resources, financial and expansion policy of the company.

04/2001 to 10/ 2004  Gesaworld SA

International Consulting Deputy Director

-          Head and coordinator of the backoffice activities of the company (proposals coordinator, quality and innovation officer and consultants controller).
-          Front office senior consultant in healthcare policy and planning key projects in Spain and Mexico. Projects mainly financed by the Catalan Health Ministry, the World Bank and the Inter-American Development Bank.

Academic Profile

Doctoral Dissertation in process: “Synthetic Hospital Quality Indicator: a structural equation’s approach
Autonomous University of Barcelona - UAB
January 1999
April 2004 (research project registration)
MSc in Applied Economics
Autonomous University of Barcelona - UAB
June 1998
BA in Economics
Pompeu Fabra University – UPF (Barcelona)
June 1996

Other merits

-          From October 2013: Member of the Catalan’s President’s Health Policy Advisory Board (CASOST).

-          From April 2001: research collaborator of the Economics and Health Research Centre (CRES) at Pompeu Fabra University.

-          From January 2002: member of AES (Spanish health Economics Association) and member of IHEA (International Health Economics Association).

-          From 2010 to 2011: Catalan Health Ministry delegate at the Healthcare Sustainability Task Force Group.

-          From 2010 to 2011: Member of the Board of the Catalan Health Quality Agency.

-          From 2010 to 2011: Member of the Board of the Catalan Statistics Institute.

-          From 2010 to 2011: Member of the Board of the Catalan Pharmacology Institute.

-          From January 2002: Adjunct Faculty Professor of Economics at Pompeu Fabra University (UPF).

-          From January 2002 to January 2004: Technical Director of Edad&Vida (Economic Lobby).

-          From March 2005: Faculty Health Policy Professor at the MSc on Clinical Management at Catalonia Open University (UOC).

-          WHO-World Health Organization’s Consultant in Spain, Montenegro and Andorra (2011).

-          From 1999 to 2000: International Visitor Researcher at Keio-Tokyo and Kyoto Universities.